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Russell Brunson's DotComSecrets
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Russell Brunson

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On April 25, 2012
Last modified:May 23, 2012


This looks like the perfect training if you are interested in learning how to make your first $100 online. Go give it a try, it only costs $1 the first month.










Have you ever imagined being taught by an INTERNET Millionaire how to MAKE MONEY online?

The DotComSecrets X Challenge 

One Monday’s afternoon I turned on my PC, as usual, to login to Facebook and find out what my friends and contacts were up to. I also opened Microsoft Outlook to see if there was any important email for me, and after loading all the incoming emails for a couple of minutes my inbox was full of weekend emails.

I started to delete all the irrelevant emails one by one, as usual, but one of those (and actually that one was TOTALLY relevant) really called my attention… It had this subject line “Here’s a crazy idea“.

I decided to open it to see what the ‘crazy’ idea was… The following is an extract of the first part of the email copy:

So WHY do all the hot-shot “gurus” insist on charging hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, for courses that are supposed to help you get started?

Don’t they know you’re looking to MAKE money, not SPEND it?

Crazy, right?!

That’s why I’m so excited to share this revolutionary new training course with you…

Because you don’t pay a single cent until you start making money with DotComSecrets!”

That last phrase got me totally excited with the idea of receiving a free course and just pay for it if I make money… It was a revolutionary idea, I’ve never heard of something like that before in my entire life… And that was the beginning of my story in DotComSecrets.

Let me tell you that I have attended other courses that offered the ULTIMATE solution to make money online, and even though I have learn a lot from those other courses I think that Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets  is a legitimate opportunity to learn with a simple blue print how to make your first $100 online.

What you’ll learn in Dotcomsecrets?

In the first month you will learn how to get TRAFFIC and SALES fast. Many members are making money and building a list before the 30 days is completed in DotComSecrets.

In the second month you will learn how to get BUILD organic growth. Many members are getting and keeping organic rankings for all of the major keywords they are targeting and grow their portfolio of terms you are ranked for.

In the third month you will learn how to TURN ON the MASS MEDIA traffic. This section of the training is more advanced but can help you to quickly scale your business.

Russell Brunson himself will teach you everything to be the next Overnight Success in Dotcomsecrets


To be part of Dotcomsecrets has been a life changing experience to me. I would like you to give it a try, it’s only $1 the first month. If you don’t make any money you just cancel the Dotcomsecrets membership and that’s it, you can continue with your life… But you can turn into a new millionaire also. You just have nothing to lose in Dotcomsecrets.

If you are really interested in joining Dotcomsecrets I’ll be your partner and help you when you get stuck. :)

Here you can see my testimonial video:

What do you think? Will you join the DotcomSecrets Challenge? Join Now

This looks like the perfect training if you are interested in learning how to make your first $100 online. Go give it a try, it only costs $1 the first month.

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  1. Ter Tab
    4 years ago

    Lenin, excellent review and 100% spot on! I have been on this course and I am on my 3rd month guy’s and Lenin has given an excellent review, now sign up!

  2. Andrew
    3 years ago

    Dot com secrets is a scam, all of the ‘review’ ones are from their own employees creating these websites to fool us

  3. Max S.
    3 years ago

    Great review and video. Dotcomsecrets X is not a scam. It is a very useful coaching program for online marketers, especially newbies.

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